Azure Global Network Servicesは日英及び英日翻訳と英語教育の分野で、関西と東京にて30年以上の実績を重ねております。 日本を代表する工業や製造業などの大手企業から、個人、チャリティー団体、NGOやNPOまで幅広いクライアントにご利用いただいております。 個々のお客様のニーズに合ったきめ細やかなサービスを心掛けています。

As founder of Azure Global Network Services, I am proud to state that we have over 30 years of experience in the translation and English education services field in the Kansai region and Tokyo.  We specialize in both Japanese to English and English to Japanese translations.  Our clients include business and corporate entities, some of Japan’s largest engineering and manufacturing companies, as well as individual clients and charity, NGO and other non-profit organizations.  We treat each client as an individual and offer a personalized service catered to your needs.







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